I’ve been meaning to write about Putin. A newspaper turned up at the weekend: Saturday’s Telegraph, with two multi-page features attacking him, built on a new book by a lesbian journalist with strong links to America. I also owe commenter candide3 a reply on the question of just how secure Putin’s power base is.

So, I need to write something.  This isn’t it though – for now I’m going to hide behind Peter Hitchens.

I like Vladimir Putin. I wish I did not. But I cannot help it… Mr Putin is without doubt a sinister tyrant at the head of a corrupt government. His private life and wealth are a mystery. His personality cult – bare-chested tough-guy, horseman, diver, jet pilot – is creepy and would be laughable if it were not a serious method of keeping power… Vladimir Putin, alone of all the major national leaders of our times, refuses to be pushed around by supranational bodies.

What he said.

3 thoughts on “Putin”

  1. That was a very sub-par article. Putin stands for the rights of nations to decide their own business inside their own borders! Putin's patriotism is genuine! Putin believes Russia has had quite enough privatisation! Hitchens an expert on Russia for having spent two years there 22 years ago! Moscow government’s prudent and astute use of oil revenues! It would be laughable if it were not so very sad, as the Russians say. Hitchens is better off writing about Britain.

    PS: sorry if this becomes a double comment.

  2. I disagree (respectfully) with the above. I thought it was a facinating piece. And it does raise one very good point, namely, if Putin is overthrown what will come next? The Communist Party is literally dying, very few people actually support the liberal parties, so the most likely result is some kind of right wing, nationalistic group that is much worse than Putin. Putin may look and sound a bit menacing at times, but on the whole, his foreign policy has been quite reasonable.
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  3. Now that's a sophisticated bit of spam. Ruined by the link at the end, though.

    Keep trying guys! It will work better if you actually stick your neck out and say something concrete. You know, actually contribute.

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