Red Toryism

  • Libertarian economics is sound. But libertarian politics is an oxymoron.
  • Individualist Libertarianism and collectivist Socialism are opposites. But they came from the same roots and the first always becomes the second.
  • Victimless crimes should not be prosecuted. But broken families do more damage than psychopaths.
  • No-one should be born into privilege. But the alternative is to compete for power.
  • Mencius Moldbug is a lone nutter. But opinion is shifting more and more against democracy.
  • Global Warming is rubbish. But it might not have been, and what would have happened then?
  • I have always believed that morality only makes sense in terms of the individual. But I can’t remember why.

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Much more to follow, if I can find my feet again

One thought on “Red Toryism”

  1. Had catastrophic global warming been true then the obvious solutions would have been much more nuclear power & geo-engineering such as putting SO2 flakes in the stratosphere. Both of those were & are vehemently opposed by most alarmists which shows that the nominal scare was never the issue – that the issue is Luddites & state empire builders being willing to use any false scare story to enhance their power. It still is.

    Had catastrophic warming been true, genuine (ie sceptical) scientists would have solved it & the parasites would still have been demanding more money & power.

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